Monday, 31 December 2007

What do I wear when I'm cooking & cleaning?

A pinny? Sometimes, but not that often. I like an old-fashioned wraparound overall in plain drill cotton, generally green for housework and always white when I'm cooking. The only time I normally wear a pinny is when I'm in the middle of cooking and need to take a break. The pinny does keep the overall clean.

Marigolds? Yes, for most mucky jobs. The genuine Marigolds (Marigold Extra) are the best; a nice mould so my hands fit well, and the beaded cuff is the most effective means of stopping water dripping inside the gloves.

I'm a Wannabe Housewife!

Maybe the title says it all; cooking, cleaning, laundering, ironing, I'm happy....

Not really a post, this, I know, but it'll get me started for 2008. Right now it's back on with the Marigolds, and a sinkful of dishes to clear.