Monday, 31 December 2007

What do I wear when I'm cooking & cleaning?

A pinny? Sometimes, but not that often. I like an old-fashioned wraparound overall in plain drill cotton, generally green for housework and always white when I'm cooking. The only time I normally wear a pinny is when I'm in the middle of cooking and need to take a break. The pinny does keep the overall clean.

Marigolds? Yes, for most mucky jobs. The genuine Marigolds (Marigold Extra) are the best; a nice mould so my hands fit well, and the beaded cuff is the most effective means of stopping water dripping inside the gloves.


Sarah Conner said...

It sounds as though you wear exactly the same as me! You don't see the wraparound overalls about any more; they seem very old-fashioned. I had to wear them when I was a school dinner-lady, and have always done so since. Like you too, white and green, but I always wear a pinny over the top.

Why don't you post a photograph? Yes, I know, we can see you in your profile picture but it would be nice to have a clearer picture. One when you're wearing your pinny perhaps? It's always nice to see a man in a pinny.

Stephen said...

Thanks Sarah, I will have to see whether I can sort out a suitable photo or two for you.