Thursday, 3 January 2008

I'll see if I can sort the Dyson today.

Friends have this non-functioning Dyson, and I'm going to see if I can get it sorted today. Dysons have something of a mixed reputation, unfortunately. When they work they work very well indeed, but they are prone to early failure. The last of the UK made DC-04s seemed particularly troublesome, having poor motors.

They are however easy to dismantle, apart from getting into the motor itself, so any other problem should be fixable without involving the repair man. This one sucks through the extension pipe, but not through the main floor section, so it should be very simple, but it'll just take a bit of time.

All too often problematic Dysons simply need the filter washed. But you have to be careful to let them dry fully as Dysons definitely don't like liquid.

I'm pleased to see that someone has posted a comment to an earlier post; it's always nice when you find that you are actually being read, isn't it?

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