Saturday, 26 January 2008

Usually such blogs are written by women

My birthday has long since been and gone now, with my hands seemingly trapped; frozen in time 'inside pink rubber gloves', holding that wine glass 'by the stem and under the bowl'. It's been too long since I posted here, and you'll be thinking my enthusiasm for all things domestic is waning. I'm sorry, although I haven't kept you up-to-date, I have been keeping up with all my housework routines; honestly, it's not as if I've been idle...

I've done the dishes this morning, I always do after a meal. There are only two civilised ways to finish a meal: a large glass of a fine cognac accompanied by a substantial Havana cigar, or a bowl of washing-up. Not much to choose between them as I enjoy both, but after breakfast there's only really one choice, isn't there?

I always do my dishes in a bowl. Although my kitchen is small, and the single sink even smaller, a bowl does economise on water which we tend to forget is a precious resource. I like the water piping hot so gloves are a must, and I fill the bowl before putting any dishes in, with a very small squeeze of Fairy Liquid. I fill any difficult saucepans at the same time, to let them stand for a while. Then I put the plates and bowls in, with the cutlery at one end, before I work my way down. When that lot have found their way to the draining board, I do the glasses, and then the cups. Finally the saucepans, and anything else that's a bit 'gunky' and has needed a soak.

Then a quick wipe over the top of the oven and anywhere else where any debris might have got spilt. The bowl itself needs a good clean out, before I rinse and dry the gloves and then take them off. You can get glove stands which seem like a good idea but they're not; they tend to get stood on the window ledge above the sink and the gloves rot in the sun.

I just put them over the edge of the bowl; it says 'job done'.

Job done? Of course not. There's still the drying to do, a nice Irish linen tea towel, rounds the job off nicely. Who'd just leave it to dry on the draining board?

Next it's the laundry to finish. I have proper linen sheets, so I get them done on a Saturday morning so that I can get my ironing done later on while listening to the sport on the wireless. Most of the washing was done last night, but linen has to be so damp when you iron it that it's a lot easier to do it on the day.

The office is coming along nicely but taking a little time; I want to get the job done properly. I'll fill you in properly and post a few pictures soon, I promise!

For the post title, my thanks to Rebecca Davis Winters; I liked it so much I've put it up on my header.


Rebecca Davis Winters said...

Hi Stephen! Thanks for the link to my blog. I like the idea of doing the dishes in a bowl to conserve water, and will be trying it myself.

rhonda jean said...

Hello Stephen. It's wonderful to see a man enjoying the wonder of fluffing the home nest.