Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Favourite Apron

This was a birthday present from many years ago now, and brings back many happy memories. It is of course handmade, and such gifts always seem far more personal somehow. The lady who made it for me was strongly of the belief that the amount of time I wore it was the amount of time I was prepared to put into our (fully shared) homemaking.

It's quite large so eminently practical, and entirely matched to my personal aesthetic. There are few materials more traditional than gingham, and brown must have been my favoured colour at the time. I love those sheep!


babooshka said...

In the days when girls only did needle work at school I too made a gingham apron, with check of blue/white rather than brown/white

Having long since forgotten about it, the memory of it was rekindled when i saw your apron on this post.

I may still have it,as I still have my old cookery basket. Time for a spring clean.

Stephen said...

I have to admit that I had forgotten how the sheep here were originally stuffed; presumably with kapok as they are now entirely flat.

I also had to do needlework at school when I was very young, but don't think I progressed far enough to actually make anything at that point.