Monday, 8 September 2008

Stephen'll be back soon

Kathleen writes:
The blog's been quiet for a little while now, so I thought that I'd better finally put up a post of my own.

The blog hasn't been forgotten. Stephen assures me that he has been keeping up with his housework, and that he will be posting again before too long. He has apparently succumbed to the temptation of that new iron, so maybe he's just spending too much time ironing! He's given his oven a really good clean too, so no doubt he'll have something to say about that.

I'm having a campaign of my own. I want to get Stephen out of that very industrial looking green overall (although it's fine for when he's doing his painting I'm sure) and into a proper pinny, since it will keep him far more in 'housework' mode. Since he likes brown gingham I've made him one; hopefully he'll be wearing it even if we have to give him a bit of encouragement. When that photo changes we'll know we've been successful. So, comments and support please.