Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bad Timing

Kathleen writes:
Unfortunately I had to postpone this summer's service for my Aga (exactly like the one in the photo). Then I found myself at the back of the queue and the engineer is finally coming first thing in the morning. Unfortunately the Aga is my only source of serious heating, and they take an awful long time to cool so it's been off since yesterday evening. Now it's wet, it's windy but most of all it's cold this morning and so am I.

I should have stayed snuggled up under the blankets but I came down so I thought I'd share my misery. Hopefully normal service will resume later on.


Jacran Cottage said...
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Catherine said...

Kathleen, I'm so envious of that Aga. It must be quite old, I'm sure the new ones don't look quite like that. Do you know when it was made?

Kathleen said...

Jacran, I'm pleased to say the Aga got serviced as promised with no problems.

Catherine, I think it's from the 1950s. We bought it refurbished, and it was quite like new but an awful lot cheaper!