Friday, 23 January 2009

Nooks and crannies

I think that most homes have places that are not used too often but they still need cleaning from time to time, and that is what I've been doing this morning. This skirting board is well overdue an encounter with the Dyson.

I have mixed feelings about cobwebs. Our domestic spiders are not dangerous, in fact quite the opposite, and sometimes vacuuming the cobweb takes the spider with it. The spiders have definitely moved on from these though.


Marco Crupi said...

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Cinders said...

It's nice to see you wearing a proper pinny at last. And a frilly one at that. You must stick with it, we'll make a housewife of you yet.

Sarah Conner said...

Cinders is very observant, I'd never have noticed the frill. But it is nice to see a man wearing a pinny for his chores. I'm definitely signed up for Kathleen's campaign.

Kathleen said...

Sarah, thanks. Every little helps, and I'm pleased Cinders and yourself are following the blog now.

MarigoldP said...

Kathleen, you've been doing a good job. I think Stephen needed taking in hand, and your campaign on the beard seems overdue.