Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The year ahead

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted; even if the header only promises 'an occasional chronicle' I had always intended considerably greater regularity than I've achieved so far.

Christmas was quiet and no less enjoyable for being so, and 2009 arrived with scarcely any more fuss, so I think I must be getting old. There were two presents under my tree that were pertinent to this blog. Firstly thanks to Kathleen for so kindly making me a wonderful and eminently practical apron (she wants me to retire my green overall you see); I can assure her it will get plenty of use. And then a present from myself, the new iron I've been hankering after for some time. The thanks for that have to go to the Amazon marketplace seller who had it at 60% reduction, enough to weaken any resistance I might have had to buying. A review will follow shortly.

Two New Year resolutions: to be more organised with my housework than I've achieved this far, and to post on this blog more regularly. Hopefully those two intentions will dovetail. In the meantime,I'll wish my visitors all the best for 2009.


Catherine said...

Kathleen's not the only one who wants to see that overall retired, so I hope you won't disappoint us. Welcome back though, I hope your wishes for 2009 come true.

Janet said...

I thought you'd given up on us for a while so it's nice to have you back again. I've signed up to follow the blog now, so make sure that you keep posting.

Kathleen said...

Stephen, I'm glad that you're posting again. As you know, I do intend to be a lot more positive this year with helping you improve your domestic routines, and I will certainly expect more regular posts to reflect that.